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September, 15,2009

Welcome to the Taxi Drivers Association of Austin, founded this year 2009 by concerned drivers. After pondering over the distress and frustrations we face as cab drivers, we decided to organize and institute appropriate measures to collectively address these concerns. The need for a formal and recognized association thus became a necessity, which led to the formation of the corporation called Taxi Drivers Association of Austin.

The Founding members are fully aware of the economic hardships we face as taxi drivers. We are aware of the inhumane environment under which we operate and conduct our business. We are also aware of the dangers of this job. As a matter of fact, the U.S. department of Labor ranks our occupation as the most dangerous job in the country next to the police force, sixty percent more likely to be killed or eighty percent more likely to be robbed on the job.

The Taxi Drivers Association of Austin (TDAA) plans to seriously campaign for structural and bureaucratic changes and stand to support individual drivers through comprehensive advocacy and services. We seek to pursue empowerment with unity and respect. We will be action-oriented, with a determination to be a viable and trustworthy association. Please we strongly need your full cooperation and support for this organization to be a success!

Thank You.

Taxi Drivers Association of Austin
PO Box 29734
Austin, Texas 78755